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Step 1:  Head over to our "contact us" link and fill out the form, be sure to provide all the

information requested before submitting your cart. If delivery will be needed, please let us know in the Comments section.


Step 2: We will respond with some basic information and will request you to finalize your cart.


Step 3:  Check out our inventory and build your cart. Your cart can continued to be edited up until you "checkout".


Step 4: Submit your final order by checking out with your cart. Please be sure to submit all the contact information requested. Payment will NOT be due when you submit your cart. 


Step 5: We will respond with the items' availability. Once your items have been finalized, you may not remove items from your order due to our items being unique and one-of-a-kind. You may add items later if they are available.


Step 6: Countdown the days until your event!


$100 Minimum Rental


How it Works!

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

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